Building to Thrive™ BETA

Building to Thrive™ training prepares you for evaluating and implementing design strategies that foster better communities for your projects.

This comprehensive training is built for property managers, owners, developers, and designers who want to build a safe and strong community. Through our leading-edge education we intend to empower you to build vibrant, fully inhabited communities while keeping your budget in focus.

Get ready to create buildings that:

  • Increase the positive physiological impact of spaces on the human body and consciousness
  • Support your clients' wellbeing and the surrounding community
  • Reduce operational and maintenance costs
  • Inspire your organization's investors and funders

What's in the course?

  • 8 modules that each explore a different design principal:
  • The why: The physiological impacts of each design area
  • The what: the ins and outs of each design area
  • The how: situational examples, quick fixes, how to do better, what to avoid
  • Implementation: an easy to use checklist for assessing and improving your existing or new building


  • Feedback
  • Support
  • Accountability
  • Access to 4 LIVE Office Hour sessions with our team of experts at key milestones to get all of your questions answered. If you can’t make the sessions live, you can ask your questions in advance and catch the replay later.

What's the commitment?

  • The training runs for 12 weeks
  • The weekly time commitment is about 2 hours per week
  • The checklists for assessing your building each take 1-3 hours to complete
  • The total time commitment for the course is roughly 24-30 hours

Side benefits:

  • You get direct access to Cynthia Dovell (AVID Architecture founder, Alberta chair of the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada, co-creator of Athabasca University’s RAIC Centre for Architecture’s design studio courses) and the socially conscious renowned architects at AVID Architecture for a tiny fraction of what it usually costs to hire us
  • You get supported by some of the top minds in the industry with regards to how architecture affects our well-being. Our team of diverse backgrounds is unparalleled.
  • You get a systematized checklist for automating the implementation of Building to Thrive ™ principals in your work.
  • Learn about the impact that the built environment has on the human body and the ripple effects of these impacts on wellbeing, our relationships and our communities.
  • Receive recognition through a certificate at the end of the course.

The result:

  • Get a handle on how your buildings impact your clients' physiological wellbeing.
  • Get clarity and awareness on how to positively support your clients physiologically in your buildings.
  • Create a plan to implement these design upgrades through the building design or renovation process.
  • Master the Building to Thrive ™ framework so you can utilize this knowledge for your future success.


  • The course includes a combination of self-paced materials and live sessions. All participants will be starting and ending at the same time. The materials will be available to re-watch beyond the ending date, but there will not be live support beyond the ending date.
  • Building to Thrive ™ has a no refunds policy. We stand behind this training 100% and its ability to positively affect your work when you implement the knowledge in your in progress or existing buildings.
  • While we have firsthand experience with the Building to Thrive ™ concepts and its results, we cannot make you implement the knowledge and therefore cannot guarantee specific results. However, we can share our knowledge with you and give you tools to support you in implementation.
  • If you have another question that is not addressed here, please email us at

13 Modules


This module introduces you to the Building to Thrive course and the topics it covers.

Effective Lighting

A building’s lighting impacts our ability to perceive what is happening around us. This module explores how the placement and amount of lighting impacts users’ sense of safety and understanding of a space.

Easy Wayfinding

Getting lost while navigating a building is a tiring experience. This module explores how buildings can be designed to make it easier for people to find their way around and feel secure in a sense of where they are.

Social Influence

Some spaces have inhabitants or regular visitors who keep an eye on what’s happening. This natural surveillance boosts the safety of these spaces through deterring antisocial behaviours like littering or vandalism.

Vulnerable Spaces

Some spaces like public stairwells and large blank walls are vulnerable to unwanted behaviours like vandalism, loitering, and theft. Once identified, there are many ways to improve the safety of these spaces.

Q&A #2

A Live Q&A will be held on May 5th at 12:00-1:00pm Mountain Time.

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Meeting ID: 993 7066 1841
Passcode: 163399 

Human Scale

Buildings can comfortably fit the proportions of the human body, or they can feel out of scale and harsh or alienating. When designed with human scale in mind, spaces feel proportional, natural, and safe.

Healthy Buildings

Buildings impact our physical health in some very direct ways: cleanliness of common areas, indoor air quality, and whether or not they encourage physical activity such as taking the stairs.

Q&A #3

Stay tuned for an email about scheduling a Q&A session.

Elements to Identify With

Some elements of a building like unique details and murals can express the culture, identity, and aspirations of inhabitants. This adds character to the building and invites people to develop a meaningful bond with it.

Spaces Worth Caring For

Beautiful spaces inspire positive emotions, while unkept ones imply that no one cares for them. By investing in elements that bring life and joy to a space, inhabitants are more likely to care about it and help maintain it.

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